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Our Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any queries about pressure washing services or other similar offerings, considering your interest? That is totally understandable! That’s actually the reason we made this FAQ page! Reach out to us if you can’t find all you need on this page, and we’ll be pleased to assist. We are unparalleled in the area in terms of our knowledge and general hygiene levels.

What distinguishes a pressure wash from a power washing?

CNG can provide both pressure and power washing depending on the surface that is being cleaned and the stains that need to be removed. Don’t let the words “power” or “pressure” worry you. Our professionals are skilled in applying the right amount of pressure to each surface.

Why is hiring a professional to pressure wash my house a good idea?

If you lack the necessary skills, a pressure wash can rapidly turn into a science project. How clean your surface will become depends significantly on the surface, cleaning solution, pressure, and type of pressure washer you’re using. What matters more is how long they will continue to be clean. We have the expertise and know-how to clean even the most challenging surfaces. so trust us for an affordable pressure washing service!

Are the chemicals you use safe?

Every product we use complies with regulations, and we work hard to utilize only safe products. The chemical that will be used depends on the surface that needs to be cleaned. The amount of chemical required will depend on how unclean your surface is. Our residential power washing service uses adjustable pressure settings so that the pressure on a given surface is kept to a minimum.

How frequently should I power wash my house?

Every two years, professional house cleaning services are advised to prevent accumulated filth and grime from penetrating your home. We clean houses Marietta, GA thoroughly and utilize chemicals that are suitable for use in homes of the highest caliber. You may feel secure knowing a dependable and properly insured professional is at your home making your property gleam once more since all work is guaranteed!

Can high pressure damage my house?

Yes, surfaces in your home can suffer damage from high pressure. Without the right training, you might permanently damage a house’s siding, etch a deck, or injure someone if high pressure comes in contact with their skin or clothes. Our highly qualified professionals will provide your house with the best possible care. We use tried-and-true cleaning techniques.

Do you power clean decks?

Yes! And a whole lot more. We also clean roofs and gutters. We can also take care of other exterior components like your patio and even your swimming pool! Our staff can determine the appropriate water pressure to use by looking at the type of surface and how it is currently holding up.

If you still have questions about our pressure washing company or regarding the services we offer, feel free to give us a call at the (404) 838-9647. Located in Marietta, GA, we at CNG are more than happy to talk about your cleaning needs and answer any remaining questions you might have!